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Vital Yoga and Beckons Bring Organic Clothing to Samburu People of Kenya

by denalee

Beckons Yoga Clothing partners with Vital Yoga for Samburu TribeBeckons has partnered with Vital Yoga of Denver to bring their organic clothing to the Samburu Tribe of Kenya. Micah and Desi Springer, owners of the flourishing Vital Yoga, have developed a strong friendship over the years with the Samburu people of Kenya. Micah met this precious group of friends during her post-college travels around Africa. Over the past twenty years she has been working with this nomadic tribe, bringing several groups of adventurers over to experience their indigenous culture.

Samburu_people in traditional garmentsThe Samburu people are nomadic pastoralist, raising cattle, sheep and goats, moving camp to support the needs of their animals. They are extremely dependent on their animals for survival. The Samburu people live just north of the equator in the Rift Valley province of Northern Kenya. Lepakiyo is a leader for his region in Kenya and has recently traveled to Colorado to visit the Springer sisters. Because it is very difficult to ship / transport goods to this remote area of Kenya, Micah and Lepakiyo have escorted the 150 pounds of hemp and organic cotton clothing back to Africa on their recent journey.

Often we do not realize what our “good intentions” do to a community. I have been concerned with flooding an area with clothing only to displace the community’s dressmakers. It would be very sad if my good deeds actually were having a negative impact on the community. Lepakiyo has assured me that this will not be a problem. He has built many schools in his region and the clothing will be distributed to the students of his schools. He believes they will be very happy to receive the colorful items. You can see from the photos of his beautiful people, in their traditional dress, that they appreciate color as much as we do at Beckons.

Read more about the Samburu people.

Read more about Micah Springer and her relationship with the Samburu People.
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