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Denise Cook and the Beckons Love Shrug

by denalee

The funny thing about clothing is that on rare occasions, you find the perfect piece that you wear until it is a shred. If that item is clean, it is on your body. Clothing companies bring out new garments each season, abandoning past designs quickly, so there is little chance of replacing a favorite piece. If we only knew it would become a favorite, we would buy one in every color that very season.

We started Beckons with all the favorites from our past: the perfect halter, cami, t-shirt and capri. We also love it when people ask us to reproduce something they have loved and need to replace. Denise Cook, Denver-based yoga instructor, came to us with the simple sleeves she had long-since worn out. They may not be the exact same as the ones she loved but it is our revised version of something missing in the market place. Please enjoy the love shrug. You have Denise Cook to thank for the idea.

Denise Cook teaches Vinyasa and Yin Yoga throughout Denver, including leading retreats and conducting teacher trainings. She helps students use their practice to find their inner passion in life. Please visit her website at denisecookyoga.com.

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