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What to Wear for Yoga: The Perfect Yoga Top

by denalee

What to Wear for Yoga Tops

Welcome back to our series about what to wear for yoga. We hope to assist you in choosing the proper clothing for your yoga practice so that you can feel confident in the studio and stop making excuses for not going.

Yoga is meant to bring balance and peace to your life, to invigorate and strengthen your body. Your clothing should allow you to move freely, breathe deeply, and focus fully on the direction of the teacher and the movement of your body. If you are constantly adjusting your clothes or worrying about how you look, you are not wearing the proper yoga wear. Today we are talking about choosing the perfect yoga top.

Beckons Yoga Clothing Strength Yoga Bra

Beckons Strength Yoga Sports Bra black and cherry

Choosing a Bra

Because yoga doesn’t involve bouncing or high impact movement, you can wear just about any bra that you feel comfortable in. You do not have to wear a sports bra. You do, however, want to make sure your bra holds the girls in place while you are doing yoga. No popping out unexpectedly in Down Dog! It is important to make sure that you do not have to mess with your clothing between or during your movement sequence. So, if your bra straps are slipping off your shoulders, you are going to be distracted, which is not good. Tighten those straps.

Beckons Yoga Clothing Zippered Hoodie

Beckons Strength Zippered Hoodie in grape

Selecting Your Top

Ideally, you will wear two tops, an outer layer and an under layer. This outer layer can be a sweatshirt, sweater, t-shirt, wrap, shawl or anything that provides comfort and warmth when you get to the yoga studio. This warm outer layer will help raise your body temperature and loosen muscles at the beginning of the class. This top piece should reflect your personality and cause you to look forward to doing yoga.

For the inner layer, you will want something form fitting without being tight or binding with less coverage. For most women this is a tank top, camisole, sports bra, or fitted t-shirt. Wearing a sleeveless top is preferable because it requires less adjusting. Whatever shirt you choose, move around to test your range of motion before going to class. For Bikram or Power Yoga, it is best to wear a sports bra because you will get very warm. For men, it is perfectly acceptable to go shirtless during yoga.

Just remember, your yoga clothing should make you feel great while you are doing yoga and help you to look forward to doing it. If not, you are wearing the wrong thing.

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