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How to Set and Achieve Your Goals

Approximately half of the U.S. population makes resolutions every New Year. – and less than eight percent of those that do, actually achieve them. It’s therefore arguable: resolutions don’t work. Goals, however, do… Continue reading

6 Hacks to Find More Time in Your Day

To help save you from tech’s tyranny, we’ve put together a shortlist of six hacks to help you find more time in your day.

10 Tips to Living in Peace and Happiness

To help you enjoy more peace and happiness, we’ve come up with 10 tips that will help you live in peace and happiness in the real world.

8 Secrets to Enjoying Life

Here are eight “secrets” – things you can do – that we believe will lead to an enjoyable life.

How to Attract Positivity

Positivity provides many benefits but can sometimes feel elusive when life’s stressors are constant. Here are six ways to ignore the distractions and attract positivity into your life.

Benefits of Yoga, and What to Eat Before a Session

Did you know that your body – your actual insides – is improving as you’re doing yoga? In other words, yoga provides real, immediate physical health benefits! Learn more…

Best Yoga Locations to Try This Summer

If you love yoga, we urge you to take advantage of the warmer temperatures and take your yoga mat to spots you may never have considered before.