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6 Steps to Developing a Confident Sense of Style: Test Out Looks and Wear it With Gusto

Step 5: Test Out Different Looks As mentioned in an earlier post, people are too busy worrying about themselves to keep notes on what you are doing or wearing. Try out new looks.… Continue reading

Six Steps to Developing a Confident Sense of Style: Acquiring Perfect Pieces

Yes, this means shopping! Next, you are ready to acquire the items you love that best represent the style you have begun to identify. Most importantly . . . buy only what you… Continue reading

Six Steps to Developing a Unique Sense of Style: Self Evaluation

Welcome to Part 1: Self Evaluation. Thank you, Tracy Gnojek of Seattle, for letting us use your photo. We ran into Tracy in the Ballard neighborhood, shopping at Couch, and were super impressed… Continue reading

The Benefit of Asking for Advice

                            While on a recent trip to visit my daughter in Seattle, I came across this hilarious plaque. It struck… Continue reading

What to Wear for Yoga: depending on the type yoga

We hope you have found the previous posts about what to wear for yoga helpful. Missed them? Click here: bottoms, tops, accessories, fabrics. Today we are talking about what to wear based on… Continue reading