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by denalee

Beckons Organic is a digital publication founded on the principle of intentional living. Our primary intention is to share LOVE in this world. We believe LOVE is the foundation to peace and happiness. We LOVE you and this planet and want to share with you how we love intentionally by doing the best we can to take care of our planet and its resources.

We do not claim to be perfect and do not judge others. We still love you whether you are driving Hummer or a Tesla. We promise not to stone you if we see you with a plastic water bottle, but please consider an alternative! ๐Ÿ˜Š We believe this planet is full of God given resources and it is our responsibility to be the best stewards of these resources as possible. We are even MORE grateful for His grace as we learn to do our best. We believe education is the key to growth and understanding. We understand it takes a while to build a habit and time to learn a new one.

Not one person at Beckons is living every second in the land of organic and sustainability, but we try to be conscientious of our choices. As Oprah says, โ€œwhen you know better, you do better.โ€ We are just a group of people learning, trying our best, and sharing with others what works for us.

Please reach out to us and share your story of love of people or our beautiful planet. We love to hear from you!
Much Love,

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