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childs pose with halterBeckons organic yoga clothing: Made to love, to last, to speak…and to give back.

Beckons organic yoga clothing was created in 2006 by designer Becky Prater, a Denver, Colorado resident with a passion for the power of clothing… its ability to make people feel, dramatically alter how they act, and change how they are perceived.

When Becky created Beckons, she did so with the goal of creating every garment to be her customers’ favorite piece by using color, organic fabric and intentional words. Having developed a passion for yoga and its ability to offer peaceful respites from her high-energy life, Becky decided to design a line of clothing that is extraordinarily comfortable, versatile, and representative of the yoga lifestyle. She creates clothing that fits comfortaby and does not have to be readjusted after each yoga move. The sizing is based on traditional women’s wear so that you do not have to size up to fit in Beckons yoga clothing.

Each Beckons organic yoga clothing garment represents an aspect of yogic life through the small intention tag that contains a word representing an intention, such as strength, grace, wisdom, integrity, love, joy, peace, courage or balance. Using the powers of attraction, we believe wearing these words on our bodies beckons this quality to our life. Learn more about Becky Prater.

Our planet and its people are equally as important as our profits

Being socially responsible is chief among our commitments at Beckons organic yoga clothing—as such, we manufacture locally and use only the finest, sustainable fibers and organic cotton. This ensures, not only that we are reducing our negative impact on the planet, but also that every single Beckons organic yoga garment is superior in quality, comfort and durability.

At Beckons, we feel it’s important to support organizations we believe in, use our clothing for good, and support our local economy. We are an official member of both the Green Business Network and the Organic Trade Association, and we actively support the YogaSlackers, an inspirational group of yogis who perform yoga on a slack line and tour the country teaching AcroYoga workshops.

Beckons yoga clothing donates all our end-of-season merchandise to charity organizations to ensure it is worn again, instead of lying in a land fill. Find out more about our donations to the Samburu Tribe of Africa and the Women’s Resource Network.

Why wear organic cotton?

When you wear organic cotton clothing you are wearing considerably softer, much stronger fabric. This is because growing and harvesting cotton without harsh chemicals results in a much longer, stronger fiber. The harsh chemicals vastly degrade the quality of conventional cotton.

By wearing organic cotton, you are also respecting the planet. That’s because the growth of conventional cotton requires massive quantities of pesticides, which have a tremendous impact on our environment, destroying the land and harming the farm workers. At Beckons, the choice to use 100% organic cotton is 100% clear. Read more about organic cotton.

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