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Beckons Organic clothing, intention tagIt’s our belief that life spent with intention is a far more satisfying journey. When we begin our day expecting joy, abundance, and love, that is what we receive. If we wear these words on our bodies, or choose a garment that reminds us of what we want to experience, we strengthen the power of this intention.

In developing the Beckons clothing line, Becky was inspired by the work of Masaru Emoto and his book, The Message From Water. Emoto has done extensive research on the power of words and their impact on physical elements. His work clearly shows the significant impact words, music and art can have on the structure of water, as shown through his photographs of the water crystals that form when exposed to different word combinations. The difference between the impact of positive words and images compared to negative ones is nothing short of amazing. At Beckons we believe this same positive effect can impact our physical bodies in much the same way, considering the human body is comprised of almost 80 percent water.

This very simple, yet profound, idea inspired Becky to use that same philosophy to help people through her designs. By putting positive words on our bodies, we are directing positive energy to change our energy in a similar way. We are using the law of attraction to bring strength, grace, wisdom into our lives. So, each Beckons garment has a very discreet intention tag sewn in to support you, in what ever way you may need. The tags include beautiful words that reflect the yogic lifestyle: joy, strength, wisdom, grace, love, courage, peace, balance, and integrity.

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