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What Do I Wear For Yoga?

by denalee

Beckons Yoga Clothing What to Wear for Yoga blogHas “add yoga to my workout” been on your to-do list for a while?

Your excuse: “I don’t know what to wear.”

I want to make sure this is not your excuse. I am here to help. If you know someone in this situation please forward this blog.

This is the series introduction, the first blog in a series about what to wear for yoga. In this series, we will talk about basic requirements for yoga clothing, what fabric to look for in yoga clothing, choosing your yoga top, picking the perfect yoga bottoms, accessorizing your outfit and different clothing considerations for the different types of yoga. We hope this information provides you with some comfort in knowing you can step into a yoga class and learn without concern.

The point of yoga is to encourage calmness, control and flexibility. So, naturally, choosing your yoga outfit should be stress free. Following some basic clothing guidelines will allow you to focus on your breath, movement and postures, not your clothing.

Beckons-yoga-clothing-meditation-hoodie-jacketMain Requirements for Yoga Clothing

Ÿ1. Maximum comfort. Enables complete freedom of movement; must be stretchy, preferably a knit fabric with lycra.

2. Not too loose, so:

—Teachers can see your knee alignment and make adjustments.
—Your clothing stays in place when you are in an inverted position.
—You privates zones are not revealed, out of respect for fellow students.

3. Wear layers. It is important to begin with a warm, comfortable layer on top to help raise your body temperature to loosen muscles at the beginning of the class. This layer can be removed throughout the class as your body warms up. During Savasana (motionless relaxation at the end class), this layer will help prevent chills while you cool down.

4. Yoga is practiced barefoot. Socks are not recommended because you need your feet to grip (Gripping socks made just for yoga are available.)

Two Additional Tips About Yoga Clothing

1. Don’t fret about whether or not you are fashionable. Yoga is supposed to be about personal relaxation and introspection. Wear something that makes you feel good about yourself.
2. Always try out some practice moves before you leave home. That way, you’ll know for sure you can move freely in class.

We hope this helps you feel more comfortable and confident in the yoga studio. Watch for the next part in the series: Choosing The Right Fabric.

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