Adi Carter Yoga Slacking in Puerto Rico

Adi Carter has been a long-time supporter of Beckons. She is a member of the Yoga Slackers, conducting Acro Yoga workshops throughout the country. Thank you for sharing these incredible photos with us.… Continue reading

The Color Gray: the color of affluence and dependability

Gray is the color of intellect, knowledge, and stability. It is perceived as classic, sleek and refined. It is a color that is dignified, conservative, and carries authority. Gray is the color of… Continue reading

The Color of Black: the color of power, sophistication, and mystery

Technically, black is the absence of color. In our American culture, black plays a huge role in how things are presented and perceived. It is one of the most powerful colors. It is… Continue reading

The Color White: the uplifting color of faith and truth

My precious yoga teacher, Isha Eve Emley, walked through the Yoga Journal Conference in her all-white flowing outfit, turning heads; people assuming that she must be someone of importance to wear such a… Continue reading

The Color Turquoise: the color of heart and voice

A combination of blue and green with a touch of yellow, turquoise blends the peace and tranquility of blue and the balance and growth of green with the uplifting energy of yellow. It… Continue reading

The Color Pink: the Color of Self-Love

I believe in manicures. I believe in overdressing. I believe in primping at leisure and wearing lipstick. I believe in pink. I believe happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow… Continue reading

The Color Purple: the color of purpose and spirituality

The robes of nobility were purple for centuries. It is our most royal color and is associated with wealth, prosperity, sophistication, opulence, dignity, nobility and prestige. Purple is also the color of good… Continue reading

Denise Cook and the Beckons Love Shrug

The funny thing about clothing is that on rare occasions, you find the perfect piece that you wear until it is a shred. If that item is clean, it is on your body.… Continue reading

The Color of Indigo: the color of intuition and mental clarity

Nothing is better than your favorite pair of jeans. Denim jeans are most often indigo. Like black pants, you can put any and all colors with indigo denim. Besides our favorite jeans, dark… Continue reading

Vital Yoga and Beckons Bring Organic Clothing to Samburu People of Kenya

Beckons has partnered with Vital Yoga of Denver to bring their organic clothing to the Samburu Tribe of Kenya. Micah and Desi Springer, owners of the flourishing Vital Yoga, have developed a strong… Continue reading