Curious Shoes for Unique People by Fluevog

  In the early 90’s I was driving along a Los Angeles area road, heading out to the beach. I happened upon what I believe was the John Fluevog Shoe outlet. I bought… Continue reading

Adi Carter and Luz Raquel Doing Acro Yoga in Beckons

Outstanding work, ladies! Adi Carter and Raquel of the Yoga Slackers visited Beckons headquarters, grabbed some yoga clothing and did a mini photoshoot for us doing acro yoga over the pond. Adi is… Continue reading

More Beautiful Women Can Wear Beckons

We are thrilled to announce that we have added plus size 2XL/XXL (16-18) to two of our yoga pants. We are now offering the Wisdom Yoga Pant in black and sugar and Wisdom… Continue reading

Amy Olson Celebrating Fall with AcroYoga

Amy Olson, Kimberly Preston and Ben Bowen are doing Acro Yoga.  Amy is wearing the Beckons Love Lace-up Halter and Love Shorts. Amy and Kimberly both teach AcroYoga and Thai massage in Salt… Continue reading

Put Your Money Where Your Beliefs Are

September 29, 2013 I was honored to be a guest blogger on Here is a reprint of the blog. Dame Julie Andrews (yes, from the Sound of Music), in a recent graduation… Continue reading

The Business of Fast Fashion Video

Click here to watch: The Business of Fast Fashion Video. Created by, this short video about the growing business of fast fashion takes a critical look at how disposable clothing impacts the… Continue reading

150 Writing Prompts for Self-Discovery

By Becky Prater When I was in high school, I met a great man named Dr. Earl Reum. Dr. Reum gave inspirational speeches at schools and leadership events, impacting people at this critical… Continue reading

Journal Writing for Beginners

When I was in 6th grade, my “boyfriend,” Bob, gave me a diary with a key and birds on it. Adorable! I loved it and promptly began writing about all my troubles. Imagine… Continue reading

Feel Beautiful in Your Clothing

Subconsciously we grab clothes out of our closet that make us feel good. It might be the color of the garment or the soft feeling of the fabric that draws us in. Perhaps… Continue reading

Living With Intention

By Becky Prater As seen on We beckon things to our life through our thoughts, actions and intention. If we set specific intentions for our day, year, finances, career, partnership, or life,… Continue reading