Grandma Leila’s Caramels

Grandma Leila’s Caramels Combine the following in a saucepan: 1 cup white sugar 1 cup brown sugar 1 cup butter (must be actual butter) 1 cup agave nectar 1 cup heavy cream (plus… Continue reading

What to Wear for Yoga: The Perfect Yoga Top

Welcome back to our series about what to wear for yoga. We hope to assist you in choosing the proper clothing for your yoga practice so that you can feel confident in the… Continue reading

Be Limitless in 2014

Happy New Year! Each year at this time we talk about goal setting. Some years back I decided to set an intention for my year, rather than merely setting goals. My original theme… Continue reading

What to Wear for Yoga: Choosing the Right Fabric for Yoga

Traditionally, yoga clothing is made from knit fabric using cotton, bamboo, nylon or polyester, along with lycra (spandex) for stretch and shape retention. There is no right or wrong fabric as long as… Continue reading

Afraid of Cashmere? Here’s How to Care For It

I have heard a lot of people say that they do not wear cashmere because they do not know how to care for it. No need to fear. Here’s what you do: Washing… Continue reading

Comfort & Joy Cashmere Sweater Scarves DIY or BUY

Are you tired of giving run of the mill gifts? Do the holidays stress you out because you are trying to get the perfect gift for everyone on your list? A short time… Continue reading

Ana Bogusky Wearing Beckons Grace Hemp Sweater on Her Blog

“I wear my sweater a bunch. It’s so cute and warm and it fits right in my tote bag so I end up taking it everywhere!” —Ana Bogusky Thanks for including us on… Continue reading

What Do I Wear For Yoga?

Has “add yoga to my workout” been on your to-do list for a while? Your excuse: “I don’t know what to wear.” I want to make sure this is not your excuse. I… Continue reading

It’s Time for Pumpkin Cookies: Here is Our Recipe

Pumpkin Cookie Recipe By Becky Prater (Adapted by Peyton Prater to use a whole regular size can of pumpkin, which is 1.75 cups) Cream together well: 7/8 cup of butter 1 ¾ cup… Continue reading

You Have to Love Fall for the Mums

I love these gorgeous pink mums with yellow edges. Hooray for fall!