Six Steps to Developing a Unique Sense of Style: Self Evaluation

Welcome to Part 1: Self Evaluation. Thank you, Tracy Gnojek of Seattle, for letting us use your photo. We ran into Tracy in the Ballard neighborhood, shopping at Couch, and were super impressed… Continue reading

Six Steps to Developing a Confident Sense of Style: Introduction

Introduction  by Becky Prater It is not always the pretty girl with the expensive clothes and handbag who people admire and want to be like. Often it is the person who has her… Continue reading

The Benefit of Asking for Advice

                            While on a recent trip to visit my daughter in Seattle, I came across this hilarious plaque. It struck… Continue reading

What to Wear for Yoga: depending on the type yoga

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Testing Out New Product and Egg Salad Sandwiches

Recently my daughter, Peyton Prater, and I went on an adventure to test out our new fall Strength Long Sleeve T-shirt with thumbholes. It is supremely important to us at Beckons to make… Continue reading

About Beckons Yoga Clothing

Beckons organic yoga clothing: Made to love, to last, to speak…and to give back. Beckons organic yoga clothing was created in 2006 by designer Becky Prater, a Denver, Colorado resident with a passion… Continue reading

What to Wear For Yoga: Accessorize Your Outfit

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What to Wear for Yoga: Picking the Perfect Pant

Today we are talking about picking the perfect yoga pant. This is the fourth blog in a series of what to wear for yoga. For the previous three blogs in the series click… Continue reading

Creating An Intention Tree

Here is what you will need: A tree jewelry stand. I got mine from Urban Outfitters Sculpey Clay, which you can find at any hobby or art store, or by clicking here Simple… Continue reading

I am Worthy of Love

Say out loud, “I am worthy of love.” Was that uncomfortable for you? Do you feel it is true? Does it feel forced? Did your internal tape recording kick in saying, “If I… Continue reading