How to Attract Positivity


In our guts, we know it’s true: positive people are happier. There’s also a ton of research that proves this:

There’s a ton of great things that take place both in your body and in your daily life when you think positively.

Getting to a Positive Mindset

Unfortunately, our culture is one that seems to discourage positivity. There’s a lot of negative energy in the U.S. right now, both in our politics and in our nation at large. What’s more, our daily lives make it so easy to fall into a pit of personal negativity because of things like:

  • Commuting in clogged traffic
  • Dealing with difficult colleagues or supervisors
  • Taking work home every night just to get caught up
  • Having to answer a boss’ emails after work and on weekends
  • Children who are inundated by marketing and who then bombard you to buy it for you
  • And on, and on, and on…

So, if acting positively attracts good things to you, how can you attract more positivity when you’re always engaged in a minute-by-minute battle with negativity? Based on some research and our experience, here are six ways to attract positivity in your life.

1. Don’t take on more than you can handle.

Has your boss asked you to take on a new important project – in addition to the other critical project she asked you to shoulder last month? Or have you decided to take on a second job, even though you’re already working at least 45 hours a week?

Has your child just told she signed you up to bring three dozen cookies to tomorrow’s class party?

You get the picture: if you take these on, you’re on definite responsibility overload and this can lead to a variety of frustrating consequences, including a big reduction in your overall outlook and happiness.

Instead, decide what’s important to you and say no to everything else, if possible. If no isn’t possible (the boss asking you to take on more work, for example), see if you can negotiate. At the least, let the requestor know your time and energy limitations and ask for help in the form of people, more time, or a reduced workload in another area.

2. Give yourself enough time to prepare.

Many of us just rush through life. We barely have time to take a deep breath, let alone prepare for upcoming events.

For example, when you come back from a week-long vacation, do you try to have at least one day at home before returning to work, allowing you to transition from vacation- to work-mode? Do you give yourself enough shopping and prep time when you’ve invited people over for a party? Or do you rush in the last two hours to get everything ready?

Preparing ahead of time for an important meeting or event allows you to prepare well, with a lot less stress. You’ll also find that you’ll enjoy the actual event more.

3. Take some time to improve at least one person’s day.

Don’t panic: this needn’t take up much time at all. A compliment about a lovely blouse, a beautiful smile, a great haircut to those you know – or even to someone you pass on the street – can really make someone’s day.

If you’ve the time and the energy, you also can do a little extra for someone you know or love: send a “thinking of you card.” Cook your spouse something you know he or she loves. Write a little note to your child and place it in a place you’ll know she’ll find it.

Making this small effort to improve someone’s day makes them happier. But, more selfishly, doing so makes YOU happier. In fact, if you were to volunteer for an organization or cause that you find valuable, doing so could mean you lower your chance of becoming depressed while raising your own self-esteem and outlook.

4. Take some time to write in a journal.

Find a journal that you like and take the time to write in it regularly. When you are working through something particularly emotional or frustrating, write down your thoughts. The process of writing everything down will help you work through your thoughts without having to share them with anyone else necessarily.

Also, at the end of each journal entry write, “I love (or am grateful for) . . . ” and leave it empty. That way when you begin writing the next time, you will be prompted to think of something positive before writing anything else.

5. Keep a gratitude jar.

I have been following this process for quite some time now and receive a tremendous amount of joy from it. The process is simple but powerful. Find a jar large enough to keep several notes and cards throughout the year and set it next to a few small pieces of paper and pens in your home. Every week, spend some time reviewing the week and jotting down all the great things that happened to you on the slips of paper and add them to the jar. You can also add any thank you notes you receive, or even fortune cookie fortunes to the jar. On January 1st of the following year, take some time to reread your gratitude notes. It will help remind you that every week, and every year, is amazing.

6. Wear a Prosperity or Citrine Mala.

Malas are sets of beads or stones used by people in religions all over Earth when meditating or praying. Malas help the person meditating/praying to focus on her breathing, counting or otherwise help keep her mind from wandering. Many people also believe malas can attract the intentions or goals you want most into your life.

Consider adding our Prosperity Mala to your wardrobe. The Prosperity Mala will help you become open to receiving abundance, happiness and even wealth into your life.

Another great option is our Citrine Mala, which raises self-esteem and self-confidence. This stone is warming, energizing, and highly creative. It is also extremely protective and imparts joy and attracts abundance.

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