The Magdalene Movement—Answering the Call

From OMTimes Magazine March 9, 2016
magdalene image

By Melanie Collins

Awakening Hearts and Minds with The Magdalene Movement

There is an awakening occurring in the hearts and minds of those who remember her essence. Her energies have been rooted in the fertile soil of our souls for over two thousand years and have been growing steadily into conscious awareness. But the time has come for these energies to blossom fully, like a ‘Sacred Rose’ in the hearts of humanity. There is a collective who have heard her and are answering the call. This collective is ‘The Magdalene Movement,’ also known as ‘The Magdalene Path,’ or ‘The Path of the Chalice.’

Mary Magdalene’s archetypal energy is beginning to rise again like a phoenix from the flames. From a spiritual perspective, the archetypal energies of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine have been represented in Western society by the relationship between Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Both of them had the same energetic vibration despite Jesus representing its form in a masculine body and Mary Magdalene in a feminine body. They both represented the integration and balancing of the masculine and feminine energies personified to bring about the Christ Consciousness. This consciousness cannot take place until the Divine Feminine energies are reinstated into the world. When this shift occurs, we will live a more heart-centered existence in unity with one another.

So who was Mary Magdalene, and why is her energy emerging now?

She has been portrayed in early Christian history as a former prostitute who was reported to have had seven demons cast out of her. The ‘prostitute’ label was made by Pope Gregory in 591 CE, but this declaration was rescinded in 1969 by the Catholic Church, as there was no historical truth to his claims. When the Gospel of Mary of Magdala came to light in the late 19th century along with other Gnostic texts, it was discovered that Mary Magdalene was the Apostle of the Apostles, a spiritual leader, and the beloved partner of Jesus. To Read more, go to full article at OM Times.