The Color Green: the color of love, growth and abundance

Green is my favorite color — hands down. My Blumera bag, the most awesome bag I have ever had, is a snappy green (it is also the perfect shape and size.) My front room is painted a citrus green; the upper part of my office is called “spring green,” a perfect compliment to the white wainscoting below. To me it represents fresh ideas, abundance from the earth, and reminds me of the comfort of lying in the grass or rolling down a lush green hillside.The Color Green Beckons Yoga Clothing meaning of green

Green is the most restful color for the human eye. It is the universal color of nature, representing fertility, transformation, and freedom. Green is regarded as a great harmonizer, capable of creating a balance between positive and negative emotions. It has long represented money and the idea “to go ahead” (thanks to traffic lights.)

In recent years, green has become the color representing ecology and concern for the environment. It is synonymous with eco-friendly, care for the earth. Beckons and many of my colleagues are a part of the “Green Business Network”“, an association of companies committed to doing business with the least environmental impact possible. These days it is common to hear about the “greening of America.”

Color psychology suggests green soothes and comforts us and helps us stay balanced during times of change. It represents renewal, growth, love, family, friendship, community, innocence, purity, and stability. Green symbolizes eternity, peace, good luck (lucky clover) and posterity.

Green is the color of the heart chakra, symbolizing love to others, forgiveness, compassion, understanding, transformation, warmth, sharing, sincerity and devotion.

As with all colors, green brings forth some negative connotations. The phrase “green with envy” suggests green is related to jealously and guilt. Green is the color of decay, sickness and disease.

Physiologically, green is the most relaxing and soothing color, which is why it is commonly used for decorating when the desired effect is a calm, healing environment. Green helps those suffering from depression, anxiety, and nervousness. For these reasons, hospitals commonly decorate with this color and the staff are clothed often in green scrubs. Also, guests waiting to appear on television programs relax in a “green room” before going on. Being surrounded by green is said to be a cure for nausea and vomiting as well.

These days organic, pharmaceutical and nutritional companies often choose green for their logos and packaging materials to reinforce their advertising message of “safe”, natural products.

How to use green to affect your life:

Wearing green clothing has been found to increase our ability to remember things. Therefore, is a good choice for a student to wear or to decorate a study/library.

It calms those around us. If you are in the service of others, people will feel most relaxed around you if you are wearing something green or if your healing space is green.

Whenever you set out to make an impression that is compassionate and selfless, choose a shade of green. Again, it does not have to be an all green outfit, merely a splash of mossy green or emerald, to make a statement of trustworthiness and dedication, will do the trick.

When speaking out about the environment, it would serve you well to incorporate green into the ensemble. One does not have to look like a hippie or “granola” to make this reinforcing statement. A bright citrus green camisole under a black suit jacket will look stunning and professional while affirming your respect for the earth.

My design space and living room are painted lime green. People always comment on what a great color it is. It screams fresh, creative, new thoughts, welcome, stay and relax — a perfect message to guests and my creative spirit.

In Feng Shui, green represents wood, health and family. Green is recommended as the color of choice for the east and southeast areas of a home. A green plant brings good energy into a space. If you need money, it is recommended that you activate the southeast area of your home or office with bright green, symbolizing the growth of spring. This can be in the form of wall paint, a predominately green picture or some vibrant pillows.

green jade malaIntentionally choosing green gemstones, including peridot, malachite, emeralds, tourmaline, and green jade, encourages playfulness, harmony, forgiveness, and healing. It is said to open the heart chakra.

Choosing to wear greens says to the world, “I open my heart and share it with others.” “I put my heart into everything I do.”

Green is the prime color of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises.
Pedro Calderon de la Barca

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