The Color Orange: the color of creativity and enthusiasm

My favorite orange coffee cup runneth over! It brightens my morning.

The Color Orange beckons yoga clothing meaning of orangeNothing rhymes with orange, but many wonderful things sport this vibrant color. It is the most flamboyant color on the planet. The orange of a brilliant sunset inspires awe in even the most cynical. The color orange represents endurance, strength, vitality, celebration, self-respect, abundance, joy, openness to others and enthusiasm for life. It lifts energy and strengthens concentration. Orange is motivating. It is associated with fun times, happy, energetic days. It is the color of creativity and ambition. It is most appreciated by the young.

Orange is a combination of red and yellow. It enjoys the cheerful effect of yellow. Because it is a warm color and very close to the color red, orange also shares many of the same psychological effects of red: increased sexuality, desire, pleasure, awe, and fertility. Like red, orange draws attention to the wearer.

Orange is the sacral color of the second chakra, governing the reproductive organs, where creative, sexual and emotional energies reside.

Physiologically, the color orange energizes, stimulates the appetite and the digestive system. It is thought to increase the oxygen supply to the brain and stimulate mental activity.

Most people feel ambivalent about orange. It is usually picked as a least favorite color in most color surveys.

How to use orange to affect your life:

When deciding what to wear to an interview, one would do well to avoid this color in large quantities, unless you are interviewing for a graphic arts position. Orange screams creativity. If you are an artist, wearing orange will reinforce the artsy look. A mere pair of orange sunglasses worn with a neutral outfit will send a subtle message of independent thinking.

Some say that orange is associated with cheap things. Because of this, do not wear an outfit that is predominantly orange to any event where you are trying to impress others that you respect.

When designing a product or look that is easy-going and youthful, one might consider incorporating some type of orange into the design.

In the Feng Shui tradition, orange is most favored for southern spaces to bring warm, vibrant energy to a home. In the bagua area of fame and reputation (far center section) orange is particularly helpful; it symbolizes fire. Color can be introduced to a space through objects, paint, or art pieces. Placed with intention, this fire energy can bring with it the intense effects of love and companionship. Orange should be avoided in the bedroom unless passion is your goal.

Carnelian malaTo promote rejuvenation and get your creative juices flowing, wear an orange gemstone of carnelian, sunstone, coral, or fire opal.

Choosing to wear orange says to the world, “I feel creativity streaming through my body, soul and mind.” It also says, “My creativity has the power to create and transform.”

There is no blue without yellow and without orange. – Vincent Van Gogh

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